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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  April 29, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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thank you for joining us. 9:00 a.m. on a thursday morning. i am megan pringle. >> a great looking crowd. let's run down the line up. >> a really neat program, about getting kids in our community, the books, tools to read. how you can get involved in this. >> and try to cure lupus. it is a big walk coming up this weekend. two people in here today and they will tell us about how they fought lupus and how they are winning the battle and go out there and walk this weekend. >> all right this week there is a huge push to get your kids shots. we will talk about that. one of those things parents dread. we will address that and talk about why it is so important to do chef >> talking about the festival,
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my dear friend nancy is here, wearing an orange shirt it will not rain at all this weekened. sunday. >> yes, you and i will be out there sunday 1 to 3. we have a booth out there. the doctor comes in every thursday. if you have a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, why are they doing this? he will answer your questions live on the air. >> i have three gentlemen in here, at the end of the school year they are -- senior year you are supposed to do a project. wait until you hear what they are doing. not just interning at a tv station. this is big. all that and more this morning. >> all those stories ahead but the story of the day, our hot topic today, hearing from a woman from ohio, a mom who ran aawith her boyfriend who said she is embarrassed with what she did. she has moved back to ohio but not moved back in with her
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husband and daughter. her is a preview. >> reporter: after leaving her husband, police and hundreds of search volunteers to believe the worst, tiffany is telling her side of the story >> i wouldn't do this again. i need to make that clear. i regret it but at the time i honestly thought no one would really miss me that much. >> reporter: in an interview with inside edition the runaway mom talks about her forbidden love with a man she met in a convenience store. she said the pair plotted for months toest cape to miami beach together. >> the plan was to get in the car, head down to florida and start a new life. >> reporter: it has been two weeks since she abandoned her suv in this ohio park with a flat tire >> i checked the internet my picture was on top story on local news. that freaked me out. >> reporter: at the time, none of her friends or family could believe a pastors daughter
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could leave behind her precious 1-year-old daughter. >> it just seems so completely out of characters. i just can't understand or believe it. >> reporter: but she saw things differently. >> i was selfish but what was going through my head was she is 13 months old, she has a wonderful father, wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles who love her, and they will take care of her. >> she said because of her religious up bringing she couldn't ask for a divorce from her husband who still wants her back. >> she may have made mistakes. everyone does i can't blame her. >> prosecutors will decide friday if she should face charges. but it is unlikely. the 31-year-old mother now faces the punishment of public
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opinion. a very nice start this morning out across the inner harbour, plenty of blue skytemperature recovering already. down mid- to upper 30s. we are now at 54 degrees, that april sunshine does the job. west winds, 14 miles per hour. a little breedsy out there today, fresh -- breezy out there today, pressurizing and sunshine the deal throughout the day. 69 the high temperature for this part of late april. we get there easily today, a couple degrees warmer than that and may get to near record levels as we get to the second half of the weekend. pollen trackers, suffering a little bit, tree pollen the culprit, oak and elm are the biggest dominate tree pollens, low of weed, grass, mold sports. just to give you a reference point, highs yesterday, unseasonably cold, only up to
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59 baltimore, a solid 12 degrees below average, today we are seeing temperatures at 54 this early part of the morning. you know we are headed for a much warmer day out there today. winds light, picking up just a little bit, as we go into the afternoon, yes, pollen jamie, the pollen. i hope it is not the mold sports man. that would be -- sports man, that would be bad news. watch out for the hot press from jamie that is the biggest wind concern we will have this morning. taking you out a little wider, warmer air headed our way. warmer weather pattern, things shifting for the better. the last chill this morning headed out, big improvement for sunshine through the day into the first half of the weekend. fantastic for us. let's break down the forecast. 70 degrees this afternoon. that is an improvement mostly sunny skies, cleared out 45, mostly clear, less chilly, mid- 40s. no threat for frost. two nights in a row, a frost
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advisory. tomorrow 80 degrees. fantastic friday weather, fantastic and into the seven- day forecast. again, you see the trend here, a good one. 82 tomorrow, or so, 87 saturday, good shot at 90 on sunday. so hey, get ready for much warmer weather if you are a fans the coming our way. >> good looking forecast. i will say. mould sports sounds gross. >> it does. the unofficial start to a beautiful spring and summer festival season. >> 43rd annual towston town festival. >> a sneak peek what we can expect this weekend. >> a disease many thought was under control but why parents should consider getting their kids vaccinated for whooping cough. >> some high school students are getting easy passes why these are not going to make skipping class any easier [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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>> this is what we live for. stuff like this. a nice day coming up. a great weekend. no worries, it is the 43rd annual towlson town festival. nancy. >> good to see you. >> no worries about the
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weather. >> wyatt has us covered he told me there wouldn't be one rain drop until sunday night after 7:00 p.m. >> wyatt. >> woohoo. >> because of the weather, 7 million will be out there. >> last year we had about 250,000 people and weather wasn't good we expect 300,000 of our best friends there this year. >> just in from don and gene, will checker pass be there. >> be there or be square. >> what other acts. >> amish outlaws. >> amish outlaws. >> they are great, they left when they were 17 years old in full amish gear and can rock on like nothing you have ever seen. heavy rock and roll they are a blast. >> what other acts? >> all kinds of entertainment from the mood swings aren't going to be there this time but coming down the road. we have all kids songs coming up. >> if i have babies in
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strollers should i come out. >> yeah, we have a great singing festival this year we have never had before. they want to audition to come out and be a singer we will fly them to a music competition. >> no kidding. >> yeah. yeah. big prizes. >> i am hungry what am i going the eat? >> over 45 food vendors to feed all the people coming. everything from funnel cake to hot dogs, to italian sausage. >> if i go to towlson university should i come. >> all the kids from there will be there. best friends will be working a lot of the spaces there. an important part of our community along with the college >> if i am a 70-year-old guy i want a beer should i come? >> we got your back and it is free to come into the beer garden. 21 and 65 only $2 to listen to the music groups all day. >> how long have you been doing this now? >> my 11th year.
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>> when was the first time you went to the festival. >> 20 years ago. that is when i just came from florida so from the day i got here from florida, i went to towlson town spring festival. >> tell us where it is. these are the boarders we are going to do. we shut down the heart of towlson really. >> absolutely. >> it is where, allegheny,. >> everything between york road and bossily avenue. it takes 12 streets and five parking lots for all -- we have four different music venues there. so every kind of music anyone could want they can find at the spring festival. rock and roll we've got it. easy listening, we've got that there too. gtr, blast from the past. >> and the weather. >> the weather is preact. absolutely perfect. >> florida weather. >> and other things we have that are really neat, we really expanded our kids area. we had a lot of new
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entertainment acts for them and a new section for betweens, for the kids in between 12 and 16 where there was nothing to do before, we have 35-foot climbing obstacle courses they can do. >> something for everybody. >> and a bingy thing. $5 we shoot them off. >> i will see you out there. >> sure will jamie. >> thanks for coming in. 43rd annual towlson town festival. >> you can get a free beer too jamie. >> darn right. >> you are in that age range. no doubt about it, teaching kids to read em powers them, opens doors, gives them opportunity and adventure but they need the books to get there. mark firing is the director of baltimore reads a book bank. thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> you do this every year. what is it? >> since 1996, and we collect books on this day, for children, to put into the book
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bank and then from there we distribute them out to teachers, schools, families who otherwise can't afford them. >> one day saying bring your book, gently used, brand new. what are you guys looking for? >> any type of children's book, new or gently used as you said. it can range from baby board books to picture books up to high school level. we will take adult level books as well because we give those out to other organizations that need them. we will find a home for any book you give us but this day is primarily a focus to celebrate children throughout the city of baltimore. >> a cynical person might says the not my responsibility, why is this so important for you guys, what is the mission behind it? >> there are so many families that don't have books. the whole reason why we were founded, why the book bank was founded to get books into the home with the belief if you have a book in a home you are more apt to read. the stunning statistics is one in 300 children in the city has a book in the home.
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we do everything we can to fight that, and get books into the home so kids have something to feel proud of and help with education. >> since you have been doing this since 1996 i suspect you have had feedback from families. what are you verde? >> we get thank -- what have you heard from them? >> we get thank yous randomly. someone left a note at my house they left books to bring because my neighbourhood was doing a book drive. people do realize it is important a lot of people take it upon themselves to help us and they will drop books off at books for kids or at the book bank. drop them off any time at the ball baltimore sun building. i love driving up and seeing boxes just left of kids books and then we immediately get them out to the schools. >> the goal is 75,000 books. >> yep. >> that is a lot of books. >> easily attained.
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last year we did 77,000. we are lower this year. i think we will do a little more this year. we have generations involved, we get a lot of stuff in from people. the truth is most of us have books around the house that are probably sitting in a box or been on the shelf you know you are not going to touch again >> we will come out and pick them up too. if you have cases of books, go on the website and find out how to contact us we will pick up the books. >> someone might say why do one day events? why not collect them 365 days a year. >> celebrate our efforts. it is a day we get all the volunteers, schools that have collected books for us, we get them all together. we have a lot of fun. get lots of food, do the book sorting but it is what we are trying to do all yearlong. >> it is so sad to imagine a family without that bonding of reading so many people have
9:17 am
great memories of being read to or reading a book to their parents. >> yeah, it is unfortunately prevalent in a lot of homes and we see the kids eyes light up when they walk into the book bank. the little ones grab the rattiest book they can find. that is the one they want. >> the ones read a lot. >> let's put the information on the screen, the annual book for kids day going on this weekend : 9 to 2. all the information right there. a number to call if you need information as well as a website. if you missed it, don't have a pen in front of you. we will put it on our website. >> thanks for coming in. jamie. >> what do you know about lupus. you have heard about it but what do you know. we will learn about this auto immune disease, how it effects the entire body and why it is effecting more women than men. storm gear and promotional
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i would like to introduce to you two ladies, kathy you had aches and pains and were tired all the time. monica, on spring break-in college they both found out they had lupus. walk with us to cure lupus coming up. aches and pains and tired who
9:21 am
isn't. >> true but this is a little more than your normal tired aches and pains. >> you knew there was more to what you were feeling. >> yeah. >> how many times did you go to the doctor? >> once after a number of years i finally went once to a rheumatologist and got diagnosed after the first round of blood tests. not everyone is so lucky some times it takes years to figure out it is lupus. >> what year were you in college. >> last semesterrer, senior year. >> you go to the doctor with your dad. >> yeah, i went to many other doctors prior to this appointment. >> the doctor says you have lupus you turn to your dad what is it. >> so what is it? >> well, the way they explained it to me, it is an auto immune disease that effects everyone differently effects your vital organs, you have fatigue, you can have rashes, joint
9:22 am
problems, the biggest thing is that it effects everyone differently. >> you got involved, that is the main thing. you have support group. how important is this walk this weekend? >> very important. for those who aren't in remission and still have aches and pains, we need to keep raising money to find new drugs and help better treatments and get a cure out there. >> monica you see familiar faces from years past but new faces coming into this. >> absolutely. this year will be my first year we have a team together, so my family, i have coworkers, friends, coming from pennsylvania, delaware, to support me. just because they see you know what i have been through. last year i had problems with my kidneys, if my doctors didn't keep up with me, i didn't keep up with my doctors appointments i would be on
9:23 am
dialysis today. >> kathy, what do you say to someone just newly diagnosed with lupus? >> um, it can get better. time and patience, working with your doctor, just take it day by day, but you can get better and you can start to feel like you can lead a normal life. >> monica, what is your advice? you know, as soon as you find it, you go to the computer. >> no, because that terrifies you. biggest thing, keep a positive attitude. keep a positive attitude, your family and friends close, that support makes a world of difference but keep a positive attitude. >> this is how we can be positive walking and being a team effort. my good friend, deer friend scott garceau, his daughter we have all rallied around. he will be out there. the mc. just tell him not to speak so long. 4th annual, baltimore alr walk.
9:24 am
it starts at 10 and here is the number to call and go to lupus to find out. you two look great keep it up. we will see you next year. thank you monica. you did graduate college, right? >> yes,. >> what are you doing now? >> i am a corporate trainer. >> wow. >> yeah. >> all right thank you ladies. megan. >> thank you jamie. whooping cough is something you don't hear much about these days but cases are on the rise. why you should get vaccinated for this highly contagious bacterial disease and while at it, get your kids shots up-to- date as well. a group of high school students on the road this summer all for a great cause. we will tell you about their idea when we come back [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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this is fios.
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all right let's get to a health alert today. believe it or not whooping cough cases have increased 25 fold now there are vaccinations for not just babies but adolescents and adults.
9:28 am
it is easily preventable but could turn deadly for infants. dr. richard bester tells us one family learned first hand. >> it was what we always wanted and it handed. >> little callie was a miracle. in 2009 katie got pregnant again. a success. >> once they said we were in the clear we jumped for joy. just giddy all the time. >> it was an easy, healthy pregnancy. her doctor made sure she had flu shots. six weeks before she was due, callie grace was born christmas day. >> she came home january 5th. she was healthy and then got a cough and things went downhill. >> the pediatrician checked her and found nothing wrong but the cough continued. worried parents took her back to the doctor during this visit she stopped breathing her breathing was restored and she was rushed to hospital but two days later when she stopped
9:29 am
breathing again she could not be saved. she was 38 days old. she some how caught whooping cough, a highly contagious bacterial infection. since the introduction of the vaccine in the 40s. the disease was thought to be well controlled in this country but in 2005 there were 25,000 cases. new mothers are encouraged to be encouraged before leaving the hospital. >> no idea a whooping cough vaccination was one for mothers to have. no one mentioned it to us, brought it up to us, no one gave us a clue. >> now they are speaking out urging mothers to speak out and vaccinate themselves and their children against a forgotten deadly disease >> we want to help some body else so parents don't suffer the loss of their miracle baby. every new mom should be required to get this
9:30 am
vaccination. we do it in callis name. >> dr. besser reporting. there is a rise nationwide in whooping cough cases. it is a good idea for parents to check with doctors about vaccinations for whooping cough and many others megan. >> yeah, that is such an appropriate story this week there is a push to get your kids into the to doctors office. why this campaign exists. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> this week is all about getting those kids their shots. >> yes. it is very important for children to receive recommended immunizations and receive them at the recommended scheduled times. i think there has been a push for kids to not have all the routine immunizations because of fears of autism, problems with people thinking there is mercury in vaccinethere is no good evidence behind any of that. it is important for children to get it. >> you do hear it all the time. you have heard it from parents
9:31 am
who say i am very concerned. what do you say and how do you i guess balance those fears. >> well, i let them know that one of the main things is that my own children get their vaccinations on the routine schedule that we follow, and i don't think there is any evidence -- the study published has been retracted and there are a lot of problem s with that study. no proof that there is any link to autism whatsoever. >> during a commercial break you said, there is a greater fear of what would happen if you didn't vaccinate your children, than if you did. >> i think, you know, folks are worried about immunizations causing potential issues, but we know if you don't immunize there is not just potential but a deadly disease that can occur, pertussis in young infants can kill them. that dog doesn't like it. >> maybe that dog just got its vaccination itself. >> yeah, but i think it is one of these things where we don't
9:32 am
reelize, we were talking about polio, we don't realize how bad it was because we are not in a generation that experienced it. if we don't vaccinate we will end up with a lot more problems. >> are there certain ones you would say you have to get? is it all the ones your doctor -- >> i would say all the ones your doctor recommended, repertory of immunizations should be given. i think a lot of times folks feel okay i am an adult i don't need vaccinations any more. i talk to my patients about that all the time. i say when was your last tetanus shot. folks don't think about that. as far as pertussis we have new recommendations as an adolescent or adult if you haven't received it before you not only get tetanus booster but a one time dose of pertussis with it. that is to help not for yourself, because if you or i got pertussis we would get a cough that would last 6 to 8 weeks just an annoyance but exposed to a child without
9:33 am
immunity to it they could end up in the hospital and it could be fatal. >> what about the series of not only autism but the bad batch of vaccines? you occasionally hear those stories. >> i think there is not much to that. the bad batch, really, it is not typically anything that is going to hurt anyone. i don't think there is any credence to that. fda does quite rigorous testing on all vaccines there has been more testing for vaccines than many medications we are released on the market. >> we need to say just talk to your doctor. >> definitely. don't be afraid. immunizations are very important. >> thanks for coming in. >> that cans for having me. >> that noise was from dr. fairmonty he stubbed his toe on the way. we will take your calls next if you have questions about your
9:34 am
pet, cats whatever, (410)377- 8100 questions about your pet next on the weather front, we ared in mid-50s. much warmer weather this afternoon. we look forward to that, but will talk about an even warmer weekend in store. all straight ahead
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it's thursday which means we have a great animal from the spca. >> this is carly a mixed breed at maryland spca they are trying to get her a home. give them a call. hopefully we can get her a home. they had her just a couple days. >> she is a cuddler. >> she is needy, loves to be cuddled, wants to be near you. >> a great companion. the number is on your screen. we will take some calls i believe rose from baltimore is on the line. hi. >> hi. >> how are you? having troubles with your dog. >> yes, i am. >> the dog weighs 25 pounds? >> yes, she does. >> so we are about 20% over weight, maybe 30% over weight. >> she is 10 pounds over weight. but she should be 15. >> okay. do you have any other pets? >> no.
9:38 am
>> okay so truly a matter of controls exactly how much food you are giving this dog. you can buy some less active food in the grocery store and have some prescription localry foods and i would suggest you get one of the prescription foods from your veterinarian. increase exercise this dog is doing and decrease food. it is really important just to make sure you are giving a minimal amount. unfortunately we have a tendency to over feed our pets because we love them and thing they are wonderful, respond to us so well but decrease the food. have your pet's thyroid levels checked that could be a cause for the over weight but the most important thing is you decide you want to get this pet's food under control and decrease it down to the level that you get weight loss. >> what size of food? how much? >> there are some prescription foods we have a restricted calorie we use for mine and
9:39 am
hills science diet. either one of those will be what i use. call us at the hospital and we will tell you the nameses and get you a bag of food if you need it. >> donna your dog has an ear infection? >> yes. she has had this now for several months and we've -- she has been on two different type of medications for her ears and it doesn't seem to go away she keeps shaking her head. >> has your veterinarian prescribed the medicine or you just picked it up yourself? >> no, prescription. >> okay. >> both times. >> okay. continue -- you need to go in every two weeks and have them recheck the ears he will eventually come up he may have to culture those ears but he should be able to pick out anant biotic and fun gal infection that should kill that ear infection and get things under control. be persistent. stay with us and have rechecks. >> can i ask another question.
9:40 am
the first time she was in she was under anaethesia and they said it was down in the lower ear canal. then it didn't clear up so we went back to a different vet and he said it was in the canal. >> see the same veterinarian continuously if you bounce around to other vets you will get different opinions and medicines and not get things taken care of as well. a dog's ear canal is 3 or 4 inches long it shapes in the form of an l and hard to get the medicine down deep into the ears. continue to recheck with your vet, make sure he teaches you how to get the medicine in well and get it under control. >> don't forget about this baby girl needs a home. a new study came out spouses say my dog listens better than my spouse. if yarned a good ear. >> this is a good one. >> there is the number.
9:41 am
maryland spca. >> all right coming up, taking attendance in school has gone high tech. how one school district plans to count your kid. >> mettle gentleman, they are on -- three gentlemen, they are on air, summer project. wait until you hear their road trip coming up next [ male announcer ] it's a price that starts low and stays low.
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electronic monitoring is commonly used the track criminals but hartford county wants to test it with public school students. administrators agreed to issue swipe cards to students at bel- air and edge wood high schools. jeff explains how this all will work. >> students arriving here at bel-air high will have to swipe a card with a bar code on it to gain access. >> it will add their attendance into the system and each teacher will know they are there. >> if that same student skips a class the previous day it will sound an alert. the hustle and bustle of hundreds of students shifting from one class to another throughout the day, the swipe system as it is called will help track them to ensure they are not cutting class, freeing up teachers from wasting time, taking attendance, writing
9:45 am
passes, filling out reports. the systems merit could extend well beyond that. >> right off the bat i think it will save the sing tear an hour and a half of work every day -- secretary an hour and a half of work every day, assistant principals running down students who got a cut. the swipe system can notify parents through a phone call, text message or e-mail within 5 minutes. this is the first time the swipe cards will be introduced here in hartford county. we are told they are being used in 20 different schools in baltimore city and baltimore county. some report as much as an 80% reduction in kids skipping classes. and if students try to exchange cards, or cover for one another, teachers will still check the electronic records, each period, to catch it. >> with one friend swiping in another kid, some how gets it into the system, that student will show up, supposed to be in
9:46 am
school every period so we will have four cut slips on that student. so i think the kids will learn quickly you can't beat the system. >> in hartford county, abc 2 news. electronic cards will also serve as students picture ids and can be used the buy lunch, check out books and track any sports equipment issued to them. jamie. you are going to be impressed. boys latin requires each senior to do a project in their last weeks. what a project these guys have. they are taking a road trip. well, jake, all right. we are all bored on the road trip what is it for? >> cystic fibrosis foundation, matt was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age. we have participated in activities for system fibrosis over the years.
9:47 am
>> when you friends said they would do this. >> it was very exciting to hear people cared about cystic fibrosis and myself. >> all right jordan nail it down you leave when? >> may 17th,. >> first city. >> cleveland. >> cleveland. >> yeah. that is a long road trip. you stop there and then then you go to work for the local cf office. >> yes, in each of the cities and then we will leave cleveland for chicago. >> and work there. >> yep. >> unbelievable. what city are you looking forward to? >> louisville. the only city i haven't been to out of all the places we are going. >> what do you say when you call ahead and say we are coming in. what do the local offices say to this? >> they will be surprised to hear three kids are going on this exciting road trip. >> who is the better driver out of the three of you? >> i will take credit. >> you are driving all the way. how much money do you want to raise jordan? >> $5,000 in sponsorships.
9:48 am
>> how far are you? >> around $1,500 right now. >> two major sponsors, go. >> work place dynamic. >> and corporate office properties trust. >> are you all going to major in business next year? >> yes. >> where are you going to school next year? >> george washington. >> virginia tech. >> northeastern university. >> not too shabby. you guys -- no one else is going with you. >> just us three. >> what did the school say when you came up with this idea. most intern at tv stations, work with mom and dad. >> at first they were really wondering what the purpose was but once we went through and explained it all they were ecstatic >> you live with cf. >> yes. >> tell me what it is like. >> every day -- cystic fibrosis is one to have most common genetic diseases effects 30,000 americans it produces a thick mucus around the pancreas
9:49 am
and lungs make it i have difficult to swallow and digest. >> this is a great project. will you guys come back in, take a lot of pictures. >> absolutely. >> will you show us your road trip? great. good luck to you my friend you have great friends here. jake way to go. >> thank you. >> you are going to sore man. wait until you go to college and present this. what do colleges say when you present this saying we are taking this road trip. you were already in but they have to be going crazy. okay $5,000. we will get that by the end of the day. hey, how about this. let's put it on the website here. if you would like to make a donation, great road trip from boys latin all you have to do is go right here, say it out loud. >> cfs go for the >> great job. interesting grooming.
9:50 am
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beautiful lookout across the inner harbour from our tower cam downtown. a fantastic day. a bit of a chilly start but already soaring temperature wise. 54, up some 15 to 20 degrees across maryland. getting gusty as well. fantastic sunrise, captured from regan international. look at that. sun coming up, nothing but blue sky, a cold start but man, it is coming out nice out there. nothing but blue sky west of baltimore as well. on our way to a sunny scenario all day long. quick check of the pollen tracker, jamie wanted me to remind him. three in the middle range today. a little sniff going on, maple, oak and elm the culprit. our only high pollen count. high temperatures yesterday only in the upper 50s. way unseasonably cold, gusty, windy all day.
9:54 am
breezy, much warmer. pushing 60 already today a sharp rebound temperature wise. light northwesterly winds early today but that will be dying off and also shifting out of the south over the next few days, unbelievably clear across the mid-atlantic right now. just not a cloud in the sky, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, jersey or virginia, we take you out wide, way out here upper midwest to get any kind of cloudy weather up towards megan's homeland in the mi. a little bit of cloud cover there, chilly across the mid- atlantic, warmer weather moving in. a fantastic weather pattern into the weekend. going to break this down piece by piece. 70, mostly sunny, much warmer scenario, seasonably warm, that is what we expect tail end of april. 45 or so, mostly clear, no threat for frost. don't have to worry about bringing in those potted plants. friday, 80 degrees.
9:55 am
mostly sunny, getting warmer, let's check out your weekend forecast, seven-day forecast, whatever it is. whatever it is you are looking for, i think you will find it here if you like warmer weather. 87, looks dry all day saturday. chance of a couple hit or miss thundershowers, getting hot, up to 90 degrees or so. that will be a big time warm up, so getting ready for that. back to you guys. 77 by now usually. having a birthday today. everyone is wishing her a happy birthday and daniel day louis 53 and jerry seinfeld 56. >> era is not in her 70s. >> no,. >> 44th birthday. if you are celebrating a birthday we would love to know about it tell us send us a short e-mail with an attached photograph of whoever it is, to morning show web
9:56 am
becky wants you to enjoy may day, piney orchard, free open to the public at piney orchard elementary school, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. they will have mcgruff the crime dog, friendly fire man, segways, all sorts of information about child safety, canine demonstrations, carnival side. >> she wants us to know about the first catonsville summer market, may 15th to september. right behind friendlies. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i get my milk there. friendlies. >> vegetables, buy son meat and it is sponsored by the chamber of commerce. >> if you have anything happening in your community ill
9:57 am
us about it. the e-mail addresses are on your screen e-mail us personally or morning >> the towson town festival. >> and st. pius. every year they have that festival and it gets rained out. >> this one looking like a winner. a little hot. >> what a champ you are for working he worked late last night and came in early this morning. >> yeah, well, you guys know this, sleep is over rated. >> i wouldn't say that. >> pounding the coffee. >> yeah. either way nice to have you with us. >> a little bit but not too much. >> thanks for watching ♪
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